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Lawn Care / Property Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Our standard service includes mowing, line trimming (weed eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc., edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways, and clean up of all clippings. We mulch as it is much better for the lawn. When necessary, grass clippings are bagged and removed from the property.

Spring Cleanup

Our spring cleanup service includes Power raking/hand raking all lawn area(s) (including boulevards), power brooming sand off boulevards if needed, raking & blowing out leaves & debris from garden and shrubs, bagging all dead thatch, leaves & debris, cutting grass for a nice clean look, power blowing sidewalks & driveways, taking away all thatch, leaves & debris collection for composting.

Power Raking

Power raking is a process of removing thatch so the soil can breathe and the grass can grow more efficiently. Power raking is a more gentle process than dethatching and is designed to tear out only the grass material at the surface of the soil. It is best done in the spring once the snow is melted.

Core Aeration

Core aeration introduces thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the top of the thatch layer and relieves soil compaction. Compacted soil can prevent air, water and fertilizer from reaching your lawns root system, causing dead spots and thinning

Slit Seeding

This service is done with a power lawn seeder that repairs bare spots and/or adds density to your existing lawn. The power seeder makes small 1/4” to 1/2” slits in the soil and drops the seed into those slits. For best seed germination and nutrients it is suggested to to add organic lawn top dressing (not top soil due to weeds and makes for a muddy mess).

Lawn Top Dressing

Our Organics Plus Top-Dressing is designed to rejuvenate your tired lawn and improve your soil with rich all natural essential plant nutrients that feature the following superb qualities: 100% weed free natural Compost Supports overs-seeding by ensuring good seed to soil contact and retains moisture Excellent for heat and drought stress conditions Ideal for poor soils lacking in essential plant nutrients and organic matter Contains vital micro organisms that help to fight plant diseases Gardens and flower beds love it Produces new soil through accelerated thatch decomposition


The major goal of turf fertilization is to produce attractive turf that is healthy, and able to
withstand the rigors of its intended use. Fertilization is one of the most basic and important
components of a turf management program.

Turf fertilization contributes greatly to lawn color, density, uniformity, and growth. Properly
fertilized grass can compete with weeds and is able recover from damage caused by
environmental stresses faster than improperly fertilized lawns. When developing a turf
fertilization program, we consider a number of factors including:

• Minerals required for turf growth and development

• Natural soil fertility

• Fertilizer selection

• Turf/grass species, desired quality, and use

• Environmental and management conditions

• Application schedule

Eaves Cleaning

Your eaves are a very important part of your home or business. The eaves keep water from soaking and rotting your siding, diverts excess water from your foundation, and yes, keeps the rain from pouring on your head as you walk out the door. Keeping your eaves clean is important so they can continue to protect your home from excess water.

Fall Cleanup

In preparation for winter it is still important to take care of your lawn that you worked so hard
all summer to make look great. Removing leaves, limbs, debris will give you a healthy, safe and
beautiful lawn year-round.

Lawn Care Tips!

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